Learner’s Guide to Security Considerations for Small Drinking Water Systems

This Guide identifies and explains major security considerations applicable to small drinking water systems.

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Learner’s Guide to Security Considerations for Small Drinking Water Systems

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In 2002, Congress passed the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act (Public Law 107-188). This law requires community water systems serving more than 3,300 persons to assess their vulnerability to an attack intended to disrupt the water supply.

This video, designed for small water systems, shows how to develop a vulnerability assessment through music and character-based scenarios. The video highlights the six basic elements common to all vulnerability assessments; and some vulnerability assessment tools available to small systems.

After viewing the video, the small water system should have a working knowledge of how to prepare a vulnerability assessment; know enough about a vulnerability assessment to ask informed questions if needing assistance from EPA Regional Offices, State Drinking Water Primacy Agencies, third party providers, or other resources that have been established to assist in preparing security vulnerability assessments; and, gain confidence in their ability to prepare and submit an assessment.

A version of the video is also available for water systems with populations under 3,300 to aid in assessment of their vulnerability.

PDF Electronic Version only, 61 pages. See Videos page for accompanying videos.