Lead-Based Paint Maintenance Planning Tool

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Lead-Based Paint Maintenance Planning Tool

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The Lead-Based Paint Planning Tool, a graphical check-list of proper equipment and work practices for maintaining lead-based paint in place, was created as one element of a train-the-trainer course developed by NESHTA in the late 1990’s. The course was funded by U.S. EPA and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to train apartment maintenance managers sufficiently to allow them to train their maintenance staffs in safe practices for doing maintenance tasks where lead-based paint is present. While the full course is now slightly outdated because of newer regulations and technical standards, and is not available, the Planning Tool created for distribution to maintenance workers remains entirely relevant and useful. It is still used by New York City and other cities in their older public housing projects.

An accompanying training video (see the Videos page), “starring” many individuals whose live have been directly affected by lead poisoning, used with the train-the-trainer program, also continues to be both interesting and useful.

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