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NOTICE and DISCLAIMER (Free Publications Only)

The free publications (button below) were designed, developed and published as training materials for the U.S. government, state agencies, and other non-profit associations under grants and contracts. Many included videos. These were particularly appreciated by our clients as they were done (when appropriate) with a level of humor and original music seldom found in ‘government training.’ From our perspective, this method was simply a good training tool to ensure learner engagement.

NESHTA abandoned grants work several years ago, turning our efforts to our core mission. We still receive requests for these publications and videos, but it is now impractical to reproduce and distribute them by conventional means. Because these publications may contain regulatory or technical information that is no longer current or relevant, users should review the material in advance–if used for training–to identify and ‘flag’ any out-of-date information. All information in the materials was accurate as of the time of publication. NESHTA makes no claim and accepts no responsibility as to the current accuracy and applicability of information provided contained in these free publications.

We offer these materials as a public service. The Drinking Water System Sanitary Survey Inspections  videos and accompanying manuals are no longer available in hard copy. They remain in use, however, for training new sanitary survey inspectors, drinking water operators, and for presentations at local government council and public meetings to educate council members and citizens quickly about specific drinking water problems.

Videos for some of the free publications are available for free viewing and download at the Videos Page of this website.


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