Keepin’ It All Clean…in the Oil Patch (Training Guide)

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Keepin’ It All the Oil Patch (Training Guide)

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Keepin’ It All Clean…in the Oil Patch was produced with support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the American Petroleum Institute, and the Gas Research Institute. The complete training package includes an instructor’s guide, a field guide containing hundreds of pollution prevention tips suitable for use in the field, and an entertaining short video designed to drive home the message to field personnel that it pays to keep hazardous materials and wastes off the ground and out of the air and water…and that they can make a real difference!

The training is targeted especially toward small, independent oil and gas exploration and production field workers. It teaches practical ways to conserve company resources during routine activities, while also helping to protect our environment. Although the program is designed for small companies, it is equally useful for training personnel in companies of all sizes.

Accompanying video may be downloaded at the NESHTA Videos page.

PDF Download. 50 pages.