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NESHTA correspondence is exclusively electronic. To assure that you hear from us reliably, please: (1) add "" to your browser "white list" (approved domains list or similar name in your browser). (2) send a short test e-mail to "" (In some systems, this will trigger your provider or institution server to accept mail from previously unknown domains.) (3) if you use your work e-mail address as primary, and believe our correspondence may not be reaching you, check with your IT staff. They may need to add the domain to the server white list. Include an alternate e-mail address below, if you have one! Without it, we may lose contact if you relocate or change jobs.

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  • Part I - Key Person Contact Information

  • Only needed if first name is unusual or shared by both genders.
  • Add your preferred name (e.g. first or middle name), if you do not use a nickname
  • Provide only fully accredited degrees & certifications. Only major, related certifications are added to our database for demographic and statistical purposes only.
  • Section II - Professional Information

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  • Please select closest matches. NOTE: Some communications are sent based on these specialties. Select "Other" if there is no close match.
  • Section III - Group Information

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  • In the space below, list each additional member in your group. Use the following format for each individual: Full Name, Nickname or name used, Email address, Position type (as shown in #10, above), Training or Technical Specialty (use initial shown in #11)
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